A look at the Monster Truck Jam at Verizon

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Submitted by Amy Thompson, Little Rock Mamas friend and follower.

Tonight my family and I attended the Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam at Verizon Arena. My husband and I picked our daughter Mallory up from dance and headed straight to the show. We got an order of nachos, a couple of drinks and headed to our seats.  Our seats were on the lower bowl on row 17.  We had great seats.  We had a good view of all of the action.

There were about 6 trucks tonight.  We saw Fullboar, Nitemare, Fatal Attraction, Incinerator, Grave Digger and Mallory’s favorite, Monster Mutt.  She loves Monster Mutt because he looks like a huge dog with ears and a tail that flop in the air during his stunts.

Mal's favorite - Monster Mutt!

Mal’s favorite – Monster Mutt!

The show basically consists of very large trucks driving around the arena and performing various stunts that include driving over demolished cars, revving their engines very loud, doing donuts and a championship competition.  It is really neat to see the trucks as they appear to bounce over the demolished cars.  The show is really a competition.  So you get to see each truck and what it can do.  At each round of competition there is a winner declared.  In between the main events there are other events to keep you occupied.
Tonight they had BMX ramp performances and mini motocross stunt riders.

Monster Mutt held the lead on the donut competition until Fullboar pulled it out at the end and won the donut competition.  Grave Digger was the leader of the night winning the time trial and the overall freestyle.


Grave Digger!

The trucks are very loud when they are performing a lot of their stunts.  You do want to make sure you and especially your children have proper ear protection.  We stopped by a local sporting goods store and picked up 3 pairs of ear plugs for around $5.  They worked great.  I would be mindful though of the age of your child.  The noise, even though, it is not constant, it can be loud and overwhelming to small children.  We did see where they were selling ear plugs at the event for $2 a pair.

Also at the event were a variety of officially licensed merchandise available which included t-shirts, souvenir cups, ball caps, stuffed toys, pennants and programs.  They were priced anywhere from $10 to $35.  Mallory got a stuffed truck of Monster Mutt for $20.

Immediately after the event the drivers are available for free autographs.  We got up as soon as the event ended and headed to the area by section 111 to line up for the autograph session.  There is a roped off area where a line forms.  We ended up being the 4th family in line.  Once the line gets started moving, it moves pretty smoothly.  There is an exit at the end of the autograph line.

Mall and Monster getting her Monster Mutt Truck signed by the driver.

Mal and Monster getting her Monster Mutt Truck signed by the driver.

Overall this was a very enjoyable, fun, exciting evening for our family. There was something for everyone.  If you are looking for something to do this Saturday night, we would suggest you catch the Monster Jam show at Verizon Arena.



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  1. khanry

    We went to the Saturday night show and had a blast!

  2. Kristen (tallgirl72)

    Glad yall had a good time, wish we could have all gone together!!!

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