A parental “oops”

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Moody Mom | 3 comments

Last night I was helping Bear finish her last step in her first major science project for the year, creating a food web for a buzzard. Why she chose a buzzard? I have no idea.

Bear had mapped out the food web and added arrows to indicate who eats who. Next step, to illustrate the animals.

Instead of asking my eleven-year-old to draw a squirrel, rabbit and some acorns,  I got a little tongue twisted and asked her to go draw some squirrel nuts.

Of course I burst out in laughter as Bear ran from the room yelling, “My family is crazy!”

Apparently, I need a restful weekend full of chic flicks and wine.



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  1. Heidi

    Better squirrel nuts than rabbit balls? haha

  2. Cathy

    We can help you with the wine and movies

  3. Yavonda

    Ooh, wine and movies? Sounds like fun to me!

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