Am I a Loser?

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in body image, Health, lady stuff, Margarita Mama, rant, work, Yavonda (Lucky Mama) | 2 comments

Against my better judgement, I let Lucky Mama Yavonda talk me into joining her in a workplace Biggest Loser contest. This obviously has forced me to cast aside my previously lax attitudes about just trying to eat a little better and workout to kick the year off.

Instead, I decided to further pile upon myself by also signing up for my gym’s annual new year’s “Tight” challenge. You “win” by tightening up your flabby bits, basically, while doing a ridiculous list of exercises you’d otherwise never imagine doing unless someone was forcing you. Say, like 1,000 planks and 5 burpees. And what feels like 1,000 planks again, then 20 crunches.  Plus swimming. And rowing. And running. Oh, and a yoga class.

Unfortunately, this week I’m developing a cold. Another challenge. And it’s literally freezing outside to boot. Ain’t no one happy ’bout that.

All this to say, yeah, OK world. You can stop asking me if I’m pregnant again now — I’m not, but I’m sure worn down about being asked that. I’m hitting the bricks for real this time. Down 5 pounds so far. #workingonit


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  1. Aunt Nerd

    Congratulations on the first five pounds – so proud of you!!! Sounds like your gym challenge would make even Cross-Fit fanatics exhausted. Keep up the good work – you’ll see the results and stay motivated!

  2. Yavonda

    You are a rockstar! And you’re keeping me on the right track foodwise. For the second time this month, I went to Dugan’s and didn’t order cheese dip OR fish and chips! Previously, I didn’t even know they had salads on their menu!

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