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I love yard work. Luckily, my ten-year-old daughter Bear is a fan of yard work also. A couple of years ago, hubby made a flower bed just for Bear. She has planted every flower and pulled every weed in her flower bed since then.

Recently, Bear decided she needed a sign to mark her flower bed. A quick trip to Michael’s and a few things from the house and we were ready to make our sign.

  1. Pre-cut unpainted wooden sign
  2. Small bottles of outdoor paint in desired colors
  3. Small unpainted wooden star
  4. Clear gloss spray paint
  5. Small nails
  6. Wooden stake

Bear decided to paint the entire sign red, her name in orange and the word garden in yellow. Since it is close to the 4th of July, we decided a red, white and blue star would be our first interchangeable decor.

After Bear was finished painting her sign and star, she applied a coat of clear gloss spray paint to protect the wood from weathering.

Hubby added the stake and nail for our star and Bear was ready to find the perfect spot in the yard for her sign.

Behold, the ever so beautiful Bear and her new yard sign.

Behold, the ever so beautiful Bear and her new yard sign.


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  1. paula burns

    Great job Rebecca’s. Looks great!

  2. heidiannewhite

    Cute! You two are so crafty and productive.

  3. Charlotte

    Love it Bear!! I look at it every time I come by. Great job

  4. Cathy

    Cha Cha and I saw that the other day… Cute

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