Christmas Craft: Poinsettia Flower Bundles

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Thanks to one of my BFF’s Stacie for showing me how to make these wonderful Poinsettia Bundles!

Supplies you will need:

Small round  Styrofoam balls. I got a pack of six for under $3 at Hobby Lobby.

Two bushes of small poinsettia flowers for each Styrofoam ball. Michael’s had them for $.99 a bush.

One small cluster of whatever accent flower you want. I choose gold glittery pine cones with gold and green leaves. Michael’s had these for $.99 a bush also.


Christmas ribbon.

Wire cutters.

Glue gun and glue sticks.



Begin by  cutting the poinsettia off their stems, leaving enough stem to stick into the styrofoam. We don’t want the greenery from the poinsettia.

Next, fold and cut  the ribbon at your desired length to make a long pretty loop for hanging. Use on of the floral stem to make a pin and push the ribbon into your styrofoam. Be sure to hot glue over pin and under the ribbon.

Use the glue gun to secure the back of the poinsettia to their stems. Add a little hot glue onto the tip of the poinsettia and push them into the foam making sure to cover all the ball.

Add a flower over the ribbon to hide the wire holding it down.

Secure the backs of your accent flower with the glue gun and begin adding them to your flower bundle to add accent and to fill in any blank spots. I also used some of the leaves from the pine cones.




Behold, a beautiful Poinsettia flower ready to hang.


Ready to hang!


This post originally ran December of 2011.



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