DIY Initialed Coasters

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in crafts | 2 comments

I found these super cute but easy to make cork initialed coasters on Pinterest and just had to make them.


Cork coasters – I found some in the Garden department of Lowe’s

Printed initial – I used the font – Times Ten Bold in 800px in Photoshop,  I think. Instructions say to use David in 30o pt. size.

Stock paper


Sharpie or permanent marker


Choose your initial and print font

Trace font onto stock paper

Carefully cut out initial

Trace initial onto cork coasters using fine tip Sharpie

Fill in Initial with a wider Sharpie (I had to do several coats)


Trace initial onto stock paper.

Trace initial onto stock paper and carefully cut out.

Trace initial onto cork board.

Trace initial onto cork board.



Told you they were cute.


Super cute and super easy. Now time for the test. I decided to test my cork coasters during the Super Bowl. They worked like a charm!


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  1. Yavonda

    Those are adorable! This is a craft I think I could manage to do without screwing it up. I see some “C” coasters in my future!

  2. Judy Jackson

    Wow! I like those!!! Very nice. Will do it with my initials on! :)

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