Got weather complaints?

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Margarita Mama, rant, Uncategorized, weather | 2 comments

I’m sick of the ice, cold, wind, snow, sleet, freezing rain — all of it!!

It makes everything harder to get done.

No one wants to get out of fuzzy jammas. Especially kids in the morning. And moms.

I don’t have that many warm sweaters — we live in Arkansas. It’s supposed to be way warmer than this by now.

We’ve all got to eat something besides chili at some point!

If my minivan doors freeze one more time, ensuring an onslaught of continuing beeps all the way to school and back in the morning, I’m going to go beserk.

And there’s more coming through the rest of this week. Will this junk ever flipping end??

You feeling the same way too? Let it out here!


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  1. Karla

    I agree. I’m ready for some spring temperatures to come and stay. Out with winter and the snow, ice, and freezing cold temperatures.

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