Growing up

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It is official. My little girl is growing up.

On July 26, she will turn 5.

The date is significant for two reasons.

1) My baby will be 5! Where has the time gone?!?

2) Alaina slides under the August 1 deadline to start kindergarten.

Say what? Yup, my little girl is going to start kindergarten this fall.

Alaina tries to pretend that she isn't absolutely over the moon about going to kindergarten

Alaina tries to pretend that she isn’t absolutely over the moon about going to kindergarten

I’ve been fretting over this possibility for the past two years. But late last year, Matt and I sat down with Alaina’s daycare teacher and discussed our options. I was leaning toward one more year of daycare/Pre-K somewhere. I was concerned about Alaina being the youngest kid in her class — would she be mentally, physically and emotionally ready for school? Matt was undecided. But Alaina’s daycare teacher was confident that our little girl would be ready for kindergarten.

So last week, Matt, Alaina and I went to a nearby elementary school for kindergarten registration. I was worried about how Alaina would react to a new school environment.

Once again, my child laughed at my fears.

As Matt and I filled out paperwork, Alaina was walking around the cafeteria, hugging all of the office workers who were helping with registration. More than one woman told me that she’d be more than happy to take Alaina home with her.

After filling out the paperwork, we got to check out a kindergarten classroom. As the kids sat around little tables (too cute!) one of the teachers told us a little about what we could expect out of kindergarten.

Alaina really seemed to like the teacher's media board

Alaina really seemed to like the teacher’s media board

Wow, kindergarten is not how it was when I was growing up. At my school in Kentucky, I only went for a half day. We colored, we cut things with scissors, we glued stuff. We weren’t learning to read. We weren’t doing easy multiplication problems. It is amazing how much things have changed in 30 years.

Throughout our visit, Alaina was grinning. In fact, she was a little disappointed when we told her she wouldn’t be returning to her new school the next day.

So I guess come August, I’ll have a kindergartner in the house. When did my baby get so big?


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  1. hwhite

    Kindergarten is big stuff, but it’s great! Alaina will have a blast. And you will too!

  2. amy

    very exciting!

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