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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not good at resolutions. But I’ve spent the first week of 2014 thinking about what I’d like to do this year.

Mostly, my goals are things I should be doing anyway — and that’s fine. More power to those who resolve to study a foreign language or to lose the 75 pounds that I need to lose. On any given day, I’m just a slightly haggard mom trying to stay afloat, not superwoman.

But these are the things I’m giving a shot:

Return to a healthier path

From vacation until the end of the year last year, I really just let it all go.

When I’m watching what I eat, I’m fairly crabby. And when I’m cutting back on caffeine, I’m extremely crabby. Particularly at the end of the day, when I’ve just gotten home from work and am rushing the girls into bed. So, in an effort to curb snapping/yelling at my babies, I just said screw it, ate whatever I wanted to and let myself have a drink or two each night to boot. And slept in instead of going to the gym.

The flip side is that now my pants are getting way too tight, and THAT’s making me crabby, too. It’s most definitely time to return to moderation and to get my rear moving.

I’ve made a few gym dates, and that’s most definitely helped get me there. Plus, Aunt Nerd has been working out like a maniac with a trainer recently and has given me some extra motivation.

On the food side of things, this NYT article about sustainable diet resolutions seemed reasonable. I’m going to give it a go. Plus, I finally have a beautiful new stove now that works great. And we’re having fun putting it to use!

My happy birthday/anniversary/Christmas present off eBay. (Saved $600!!)

My happy birthday/anniversary/Christmas present off eBay. (Saved $600!!)

Parental dates

I could count on one hand the number of times Daddy and I have left the girls with someone to go out and do something. I just feel guilty shoving them off on someone else. And I am a bit of a control freak, so I spend the entire time we’re gone worrying about them. But when they’re at school/daycare, this is not an issue for my crazy brain. So lunch is the answer. I’m going to try to find at least one day a month where we can connect at lunchtime — just like we used to pre-children when I worked nights and we didn’t see each other as much.

Doing good while keeping the clutter clear

Again with my nutty OCD brain, I cannot rest amid clutter. A twitch inside me is not satisfied until everything is back in its place. We recently bought a few shelves to store toys and games in the living room, which made a huge difference. But with Christmas brought in a huge slew of things there was no room to put up.

To help remedy this, I rounded up all the toys the girls have outgrown/lost interest in and took them to Goodwill along with some clothes they’ve outgrown. Not quite in time for a 2013 tax deduction, but I’ll save my receipt for next year’s taxes. And I recently got a tour of Goodwill’s distribution facility, where the people I met seemed to genuinely care about working toward changing people’s lives. I generally take a few loads per year, but I’d like to do better.

Off to a good home!

Off to a good home!

Bye bye, puzzles and blocks

Bye bye, puzzles and blocks

Find ways to have more family fun


If we spend too much time out of the house each weekend, we get woefully behind on laundry and there’s no clean underwear come Wednesday. I genuinely would like to take the kids out more often to the library, the zoo, the park, etc., and find a way not to let the house completely go to hell in the meantime. Easier said than done, especially when I’m doing great on weeknights to get home in time for dinner and bedtimes. But now that potty training is largely through, it’s getting slightly less insane when we hit the road — unless it’s to the grocery store. You don’t want to know what fresh hell that is. Perhaps this will be the year things fall into place a little better.

Who could deprive these faces?

Who could deprive these faces?

And that’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing off the wall. Just trying to live life in slightly less crazed fashion. Wish me luck!


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  1. Rebecca

    Heidi, thanks for the Goodwill shout out. We turn donations into jobs and give people a fresh start – just like you are doing for your family. Have a beautiful (and healthy) New Year! I look forward to seeing you at Target and Pinnacle. :)

  2. amy

    These actually seem doable and really reflect the same things I need to do!

  3. Moody Mom

    Good Luck honey! I started my annual cleaning also. My fridge is nice and shinny right now and my file cabinet is clear.

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