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On Day 1 of our “It’s a cold, rainy weekend” project, Kendall was weepy and feverish. So we cuddled up on the couch so she could nap on me while Kayla pushed around strollers and shopping carts and built tower blocks, enjoying the freedom of playing without fighting for once.  Meanwhile, Ava and Daddy got busy painting.

On Day 2, Kendall was magically better. The paint was dry. And, unusually, no one else fell ill. So progress continued onto the “making things pretty” phase.

First up on our kiddo bathroom redo was the simple step of switching out some nasty scratched up old brass knobs with these glossy beauties:

I saw these at Target online and almost bought them, then restrained myself. Then Ava saw them in the aisle at Target the next time we were there, and she immediately honed in on them. I shouldda known.

I added  some scrapbooking stickers to the new plain white cup I got for each girl, fully realizing that they may not be on there for long. But they look cute for now!



And I made this little “sisters forever” sign with a clearance sale frame, too.



Note that I’ve given away the wall color here. Surprise! It’s again margarita green, just like the master bathroom we recently painted. (I’m trying to use restraint here and not paint the house up like a clown car, using every color in the rainbow as my first instincts would lean toward.)

Here you can see the new shower curtain Ava picked out, along with another cute little sign that my own sister got for me at a craft fair we went to in Nebraska that says “How do people make it through life without a sister?” Good question!



Behind this door is a tiny bathtub/potty only room, so please forgive the weird camera angles. The other side looks like this:



Before, there was a towel rack oddly placed so that the towel hanging there would rest right over the potty. I figured we’re eventually going to have a lot of girly bath products around, so some shelves would do us better service.

Last but not least, I failed to find a cute nightlight at Target that would fit the tight space between the mirror and the wall. I’m normally a pretty standard, plain Jane gal —  so this alternate solution I came up with is a snap is just hog wild in my world:



Whoo! Valentine’s lights, hung up with tiny 3M Command hooks. And note the Hello Kitty soap pumps, too. The girls are in LOVE with Hello Kitty right now. Have you tried to get around Target with Hello Kitty loving kids recently? Every 20 feet, there’s something that brings about a chorus of “My cat! Meow, meow! Look, my cat!” So I gave in on these.

The walls could still use a bit of decoration. Maybe more shelves above each sink. But for now, I think it looks a billion times better than marshmallow land did. Whaddya think?







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  1. khanry

    Super Cute! I love it!

  2. jenngodwin

    Come do my bathroom next! So cute. I love the cups.

  3. Arkie Mama

    Will you pretty please help redo my bathrooms? This looks fabulous!

  4. Heidi

    Hah, I work for booze … and dip! I’d be glad to help y’all out!

  5. Yavonda

    Looks great! I love the lights. :)

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