Moody Mom: Adventures In Cooking

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I love to bake but when it comes to cooking a meal, I hate it. I think it is a little bit of the OCD in me. I should be able to prepare the food, put it in the oven, walk away and wait for the timer – NOT!

Luckily my husband likes to cook and  who am I to deny him from something he likes to do.

When we first got married hubby worked as a bartender and would be gone late most nights so he would cook before he left and  I would  clean up the dishes after he was gone.

This adventure took place about 18 years ago one Saturday night after hubby left for work. I was cleaning up the kitchen before watching some TV. I  turned on the stove to melt some  grease hubby had used to make french fries so I could  pour it into the grease  jar. I decided to watch some  TV while I waited.

I woke up some time later to find the grease on fire. I remember hearing somewhere to move the pot to the sink and pour flour on it. Well, it did not work and seemed to make the fire mad because the flames were getting bigger and it quickly caught the kitchen drapes on fire.

I called the fire department and ran outside. I called hubby from the neighbor’s phone and started bawling as I told him that “I had burned the house down”! Yes, I am a DRAMA QUEEN!

Hubby came speeding home to find a house full of smoke, firemen, burned drapes, a freaked out wife and scorched walls. Since then we have an agreement – He cooks and I clean!


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  1. stacie_hoo

    Too funny! Good thing hubby is such a good cook. : )

  2. Heidi

    Sounds like a great arrangement to me! I’m all for division of labor in a marriage.

  3. cathy

    Well one time I left a pan of water on to boil and went down to the video store to get a movie .Came back and the pan was black and HOT !!!!But no fire Thank the GOOD LORD !!!!!
    And thank goodness Doug loves to cook!!! And your lucky Brad likes to cook too ….Nice HUH ????

  4. Yavonda

    Eep! It sounds like its a very good thing he likes to cook. :)
    Matt is the cook in our family too. He’s just so good at it. Plus, he gets home way earlier than I do, so he can usually have dinner waiting for me.

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