Never Too Fat to Be Photographed

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Lucky Mama here. I wanted to share this with you…

no_photo_male-1So have you heard about the blog post “So You’re Feeling Too Fat to Be Photographed” by Teresa S. Porter? You can read it here. In it, Porter talks about how a car accident changed her perspective about how she needed to look in order to allow herself to be photographed. She realized, in a near-death experience, that if she died, her family would have been left with no recent photos of her.

Angie Davis, a friend of this blog and a fantastic photographer, has weighed in on this subject on her blog. As a photographer, she frequently hears people ask her to make them look thinner or younger. She also has people decline to be photographed because they don’t look the way they want to look.

“Have you ever looked at a photo of someone you love and said, “You know, I think I would love her more if she were thinner” or “I  would sure like this photo more if Mom had dropped 30 pounds before she had it taken.” No you haven’t. Love yourself as those who love you do …”

Wow, those are definitely words to think about.

I know I’m guilty of hiding behind my camera instead of being in front of it. How about you? Do you avoid having your picture taken because you aren’t happy with your appearance? If something awful happened to you, would your family have photos to remember you by?


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  1. hwhite

    There are hardly any pictures of me. I am so guilty of this!

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