Safety pin watch craft

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My best friend since childhood, Trisha, is one of those crafty people who’s always making cool things. I wish I was as crafty as she is, but the best I can do is copy some things she makes sometimes!

Trisha, with Kayla, Ava and Kendall at the Lincoln Children's Museum in November

Trisha, with Kayla, Ava and Kendall at the Lincoln Children’s Museum in November

She made me this really cool watch for Christmas, and I immediately got compliments on it. I also figured it was a project that a lot of people could duplicate — even those who are less crafty like me.



safety pins


1MM elastic thread

watch face

Here are Trisha’s instructions:

You can buy packages of small beads at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Joanne’s. Hobby Lobby has packages of colored beads that go together nicely though, so rather than putting the colors together myself, I went with these.

Also, bigger beads are easier to work with than small seed beads.  With this size of bead, each safety pin held about 6 beads.  I used anywhere between 45 and 55 safety pins, depending on the size of the wrist.


So, if you’re using this size of bead and making a watch with 50 safety pins, you’ll need 300 beads.  I got 2 watches + out of the packages I bought at Hobby Lobby.

Once all of the beads are on your safety pins, you want to string them onto the elastic thread rotating the safety pins.



watch beads

String them both at the top and the bottom of the pin and then string your watch face onto the elastic as well, just like a bead and tie it at the ends with a small knot.

 Voila! The finished watch is a one of a kind!

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  1. Yavonda

    Very cute!

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