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Back a million years ago in October, Daddy noticed one chilly morning as he struggled to get a glove on Kayla’s hand that her thumb was stuck bent. We thought she had hurt herself a few days earlier when she flung herself off the rocking chair’s ottoman in her bedroom and just toughed it out without saying anything. Two doctor appointments and a couple of months later, we finally learned that was not the case.

A “trigger thumb” was to blame. Basically, the band under her tendon there was swollen and/or there was a kind of a nodule keeping things from sliding right. It felt like there was a big knot on her left palm right under that thumb. The doctor said some kids just develop it as they reach toddlerhood, unlike adults, who usually get it from repetitive motion.

In adults, they apparently just make you kinda loopy and fix it quick. But because little kids would never stay still in a scary environment with someone cutting them, they knock them all the way out for a full surgery.

Kayla was not a fan. But she was a real trooper.

Kayla, our post-op princess

Kayla, our post-op princess

Ava and Kendall were pretty great about the whole thing too. They got up at 5:30 a.m. to see their brave little sis off, then played a little Go Fish before it was time to head toward school. (Thanks again to our great neighbors for taking Ava so I could get to the surgery center in time!)

Ava creates a distraction to ward off worry

Ava creates a distraction to ward off worry

Kayla was by far the smallest patient around. Most of the orthopedic surgery center crowd was 40 to 60ish. So she was a real big hit with the nurses. They even let her hold Hello Kitty and her little puppy the whole time, and skip the wheelchair on the way out when it was clear she was not a happy camper.

On the way out, sort of

On the way out, sort of

Somehow, magically, she pulled herself together like a tough broad and was mostly back to normal by the time we got home. And she immediately wanted to put on a princess dress and “magic slippers” — as she does pretty much every day — so I have no doubt she’s on the road to recovery.

On the mend!

On the mend, just about an hour later


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  1. Moody Mom

    Bless her little heart!

  2. Trisha

    Oh my gosh, she is just the sweetest! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from me and btw, I love that Hello Kitty!!

  3. Yavonda

    What a trooper! I just want to hug her little neck — of course at this point, I would probably give her the sore throat from elsewhere, so just give her a hug from her Aunt YaYa!

  4. Deborah

    So glad things went well…. She is a precious little girl…..

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