Swimsuit sagas

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Surely by now you’ve seen Put on that Swimsuit, the ode to enjoying summertime happiness with your kids written by Jessica Turner on the Mom Creative blog, which hit the Huffington Post and went viral.


Swimsuits can be tough for mamas. Do I ever know this — remember, I’m the lady saddled with a saggy kangaroo pouch for a stomach and dozens of pregnancy pounds I can’t seem to shed.

I want you to know, though, that even I strap on the swimsuit and go for it. I’m not particularly proud of how I look — the definition of beached whale, in fact — but I can’t let that stop me and my kiddos from having summer fun. I’m not at the pool for a fashion show. I’m there to spend quality time with my girls and/or get some exercise.

Arkie Mama recently decided to go bikini and is loving it. Of course, she’s celebrating the fact that she’s still alive after a gut-wrenching, life-changing scare in the desert. And I also think about Lucky Mama and Aunt Jenn, whose battles with MS may someday present physical limitations.


Shouldn’t we all be appreciating life? None of us know how long we’ve got. What disease or disaster may steal moments away from us later. So let go. Live a little. Who cares what anyone else may think — you’re living for yourself, not them. No regrets.


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  1. Mary Frye

    Right on, Heidi!

  2. Terri Sanders

    I agree wholeheartedly. If someone at the lake us concerned about how I look in my swimsuit or if my bright-white skin is causing a snow glare, I am sorry. They just aren’t having fun with the company they keep.
    I have been at both ends on the size scale. I was a size 18 about 8 years ago, now I am a 00. Believe me, the stress about buying a swimsuit is at all levels. You have one body style, one with flaws that only you see. Find a suit that fits, holds everything in the right place & take those babies to the water. They couldn’t give a rats — what you look like & in 20 years, you will be glad you did!

  3. Yavonda

    I’m big and very, very pasty — but me and my heavily sun-screened self are swimsuit ready. Besides, if I can go to a pool party on my second date with my now-husband (THAT was nerve-wracking!) and a crappy MS diagnosis, I can deal with pretty much anything. :)

  4. Janetta Garrett

    I say amen tto putting on that swimsuit. I did ir as a mother and won’t forget my son laughing all the way down the big waterslide on top of me. Or precious minutes with mt daughter. Well I’m a grandma now and still wearing the suit and going down the slides with my grandchildren. JUST THANKFUL TO BE SO BLESSED WITH HEALTH AND THESE PRECIOUS GRAND CHILDREN.

  5. Fawn @ Instead of the Dishes

    Perfect post. I’ve gone halfway back to a bikini – bikini top, but a skirted bottom. Whatever the choice, my goal is to not miss out on summer fun just because I don’t look like I did in my early 20s!

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