ThanksBlogging: I am thankful for a flat tire!

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Day three of the ThanksBlogging Event at Arkansas Women Bloggers.

After picking bear up from school a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my tire was going flat. No big deal, I dropped the car off at the tire shop that is close to my house. I was overdue for a tire rotation and oil change so I decided to have those done also. Since it was going to take a while, bear and I decided to walk home.

Suddenly, I remembered one of the stupid numbers I needed to push on my garage key pad was broken. Bear and I turned around, grabbed the garage remote and set out for the walk home. Somewhere along the way, the remote decided it did not want to go home yet and jumped off my purse. Of course, we noticed it after we arrived home.

Bear and I set out to search for it, more like I made a mad dash to look for it and Bear complained about having to walk. Sadly, we didn’t find it. I believe the street must have swallowed it whole.

In my sweetest, most innocent voice I called hubby to confess. Hubby was not very happy as he proceeded to tell me how much it would cost to replace the darn thing!

As a way to redeem myself, I decided to rake all the leaves in the front yard. I slaved away for hours, ok maybe 45 minutes, before noticing a ton of water around the manhole! I remember thinking, I need to tell Brad about that leak.

After I finished raking the leaves, the tire store called to let me know my car was ready and by the way, they are closing in 10 minutes! I rushed Bear over to the  neighbor’s house (I did not want to listen to her complain about walking again) before proceeding to hike up our hill towards the tire store.

Thankfully hubby was driving by on his motorcycle! Yes, I rode on his cycle. No, I did not like it! All I could think of was crashing or falling off the back. The more I stressed over it, the tighter I held on. I’m surprised hubby could breathe as tight as I was hanging on!

Hubby pulled in at the tire store and I hopped off the back of the bike and rushed inside the tire store only to find out that they had forgotten to change my oil! Can anyone say the day
from hell?

The manager was very apologetic as they pulled my car around back to change the oil! Finally, I was ready to go! The manager thanked me for my patience as he informed me that there was no charge for the oil change –  Score! Needles to say, I forgot all about the leak.

The next morning, we decided to do a little shopping. As we were pulling out of the driveway, It hit me! The leak, crap i forgot!

“We have a leak in the front yard,” I blurted out.

“What, where?” hubby asked.

“I meant to tell you yesterday,” I confessed.

“Yesterday?” Hubby questioned.

“I raked the yard and received a free oil change yesterday,” I answered in a sweet voice
as I batted my eyelashes at him!

Yes, I am thankful for a flat tire, a broken key pad, losing the garage remote and raking the leaves, which allowed me to find leak!

Motorcycle kid!

Sexy Man!

Bear playing in the leaves.


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  1. Adrienne (@NotSoCrunchy)

    That sounds like one of my kind of days. If you hadn’t had all those things go wrong, you would never have found that leak though.

  2. Debbie Arnold (@diningwithdeb)

    Loved this! How many times does life turn on a twist?

    It’s time for Merry Merry Munchies 2012. I’d love for you to come link up and check out the giveaways.

  3. Brandy

    You are so crazy and we love you anyway!!!

  4. Amy

    A free oil change is always good:-) Everything happens for a reason, just sorry you lost your garage door thingy:-(. But , good you found that leak!!

  5. Kate P.

    Sounds like the kind of days I’ve been having lately. But, like you, I am able to look back on them & I see just how they worked out so beautifully & for a reason!

    So glad you found the leak! Hope it’s not anything too serious!

  6. Karen W (@TingsMom)

    Got to love crazy days. They keep us on our toes.

  7. Kristen (tallgirl72)

    Glad you found the leak!!! I have some leaves to rake to and hope I don’t find a surprise under them like you did!!!

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