Vilonia tornado

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Our friend Angie Davis, of Angie Davis Photography, lives in Vilonia, which was devastated last week by an incredibly strong tornado. Thankfully, Angie and her family were unscathed — but many of their friends and neighbors lost everything.

Angie has written about the night that tornado blew through her town and she has taken some incredible photographs. Go here to see the post.

Vilonia, Mayflower, El Paso and Center Hill were all affected by last week’s storm. If you haven’t been able to help yet, there is still plenty of work to be done and help to be given.

And don’t forget prayer. There are definitely plenty of prayers still to be said for those communities.

Tornado season started off with a vengeance in Arkansas this year. I doubt our most recent storms will the last time our friends and neighbors are seeking shelter from nature’s fury this Spring. So to all of LRM’s readers — stay safe.

— Yavonda, aka Lucky Mama

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  1. Angie Davis

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

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