What did she say?

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The top ten Crazy things my child has said recently:

  1. “Mom, you can’t cook! We are going to starve while daddy is recovering from surgery!”
  2. “Now that I’m ten, I have to get use to this old age stuff.”
  3. “I wish I could tell the waitress that I AM NOT HER BABY!”
  4. “You had Nerdy glasses when you were a kid.”
  5. “Will you buy me a sister?”
  6. “Seriously, do you need to borrow some money to buy me a sister?”
  7. “Word on the street is Selena Gomez is engaged to Justin Bieber”
  8. “This is kid talk, adults don’t understand.”
  9. “It’s Ok mom, I’m used to you embarrassing me.”
  10. “I wish I had a shrinking gun so I can put you in my pocket. That way I could keep you with me all the time.”


bear and hat



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  1. hwhite

    I love love love these!

  2. Kristin

    Sounds like the nuttiness of child conversations continues beyond 2! (So what exactly is “old age” stuff? lol)

  3. Angie Davis

    Awwwww!!!!!!! Love them!

  4. Rose Rogers Hamilton

    When did Brad have surgery? Is there anything I can do for you all?

  5. The Cook

    She is a mess, but she’s the only mess I’ve got, so I love her bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE HER MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paula

    These will be fun for her to read in a few years! Love the hat on her!

  7. Kristen (tallgirl72)

    Can you post the things that you blurt out loudly in the car while children are present or what they dress up as for halloween???????!!!!!!!!!

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