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Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Activities, Ava, kid stuff, Margarita Mama | 5 comments

What age do sleepovers start? I deeply disappointed Ava last week by ruining my kindergartener’s and her older friend’s big plans (mostly because I didn’t know it was a plan in their minds and haven’t yet gotten to meet her friend, naturally). Sounded like it was well thought out, though!




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  1. Patty Ware

    Lauren so wants a sleepover as well and I am on the fence as to if the girls are ready now or not?

    • hwhite

      I keep hearing a really wide range of readiness — as young as 5 from some people and as old as 10 from others. I kinda think Ava would be ready, tho. We’re up for trying, if you’re game!

  2. Shelly

    Emily was in kindergarten. Oree was in second. Depends on child. I think A and L are ready.

  3. Trisha

    Oh my gosh that is so cute and totally reminds me of that time we planned that huge field day and then I got the flu at your house! Remember that? We were young, because you were still living in the house across the street from your grandma :)

    • hwhite

      I remember the field day part, but not you getting sick. And I also remember how we used to try to sneak past my mom all the time to get snacks. I could never figure out how she always heard us, but now I know — moms just don’t sleep!

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